Our Commitment to Students

Every child deserves a quality education. To close the achievement gap, we support student learning in the following ways:

  • Strong Academics: new programs including Art, ELA, Latin, Music, Spanish, and STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics).
  • Intensive Student Support: After-school enrichment programs, expansive tutoring, mental health & wellness programming, 6:30am to 6pm school days.
  • Scholarship Support/Tuition Reduction: 74% of our students apply for financial aid.
  • Top Notch Facilities: Five fully renovated school buildings with updated technology, dedicated Fine Arts classrooms, and media centers.

Our Commitment to Students

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Endowment Funds

Robert G. and Michelle Cooke Atchinson Fund for Teacher Support 

Artie and Judy Boyle Scholarship Fund 

Nellie M. Brownell Scholarship Fund 

Cameron Family Scholarship Fund

Paula Crook Clifford Annual Scholarship 

Dorothy Holt Connolly Endowed Scholarship 

Jack Connors Jr. Scholarship Fund

Doris B. Cooke Scholarship Fund

Susan E. Dawley Endowment for Teaching Excellence and Scholarship Support

Vernon F. DeGabriele & Mary A. Orton Memorial Scholarship Fund 

M. Christine Driscoll Scholarship Fund 

Thomas F. and Gertrude C. Flynn Scholarship Fund 

Corey C. Griffin Scholarship Fund 

F. Beirne Lovely, Jr. Scholarship Fund

Edward T. Mulkern Scholarship Fund

Edward and Katherine Naughton Family Endowment Fund

Sister Cecilia Leonor Navas, O.P. Scholarship Fund 

Pero Family Fund for Catholic Education 

Rose M. Pesce Scholarship Fund 

Lawrence Eugene Sullivan Scholarship Fund 

James T. A. Vanderslice Scholarship Fund 

Mary Cullen Walsh Endowment for Capital Improvements

Richard and Margaret Walsh Scholarship Fund