Who We Are

The Campaign for Catholic Schools (CCS) is a grassroots non-profit dedicated to raising the significant private philanthropic support needed to rebuild Catholic schools in Greater Boston and keep them strong for generations to come.

In preserving the core values and traditions of the Catholic educational system and adapting other elements to mirror the changing face of education, this new, sustainable model is transforming the way we educate youth locally and establishing the blueprint for how we educate youth nationally.

There is no one else doing what CCS is doing to lay the groundwork for success.

Through creating a new set of standards for excellence in 21st century education, CCS is providing the gateway to better lives and brighter futures for the coming generations of neighbors, employees, and civic leaders.

This isn't an act of charity. It's an act of justice.

To help our children become the leaders of tomorrow, the Campaign for Catholic Schools needs your help today. There are many ways to help and every gift makes a difference. On behalf of the great kids whose lives you'll change for the better, thank you for your generous support.